Improve Your Workflow Across Multiple Systems

Cross-Screen for Different Systems

With just one mouse and keyboard set, you can easily switch between two computers with different operating systems as if using a single computer. Crossys allows your mouse to seamlessly cross over to another system without the need for any button switching, which reduces interruptions and distractions and allows users to maintain their concentration and workflow.

Cross-Platform Operation

Crossys enables free navigation between different systems, along with copy and paste functionality for text and files, enhancing operational flexibility. Easily share USB flash drives, hard drives, and other devices between multiple computers, all without the hassle of repeatedly plugging and transferring files.

High-speed Transfer

Crossys is a USB control sharer that supports the USB 3.0 protocol, which provides a maximum transfer bandwidth of 5Gbps. This enables users to quickly transfer large files or data between multiple computers without any loss in speed, especially useful for those who work with large files or data sets and need to switch between different computers for their work.

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